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Private Training

All of our courses are available to be delivered privately however some may need to be delivered from our training centre from a logistical point of view. Below are some of the more popular options with our clients.

Make up

Foxy Training can offer you one on one training from home or from our training centre. The highest demand for this service comes from learners wishing to learn about make up. Have you qualified as a beautician and just need to build your confidence in make- up application a little? Are you a hairdresser and would like to offer make up as an extra service to your clients? Are you someone that would simply love to learn techniques in make up application? One or two days of one on one training may just be what you need. Personal attention to detail is assured as well as confidentiality and the opportunity to work with some great products.

Gel Nail Enhancements

Have you already completed a nail course and would like a refresher day then let us come to you! Just call us for costing. This service is also offered for our advanced waxing courses. You might be surprised by how inexpensive it is!!

Hair and Beauty Salons

If you are already up and running and feel your staff would benefit from extra training, then Foxy Training could be your solution. Both hair salons and beauty salons employ us to deliver training in new services for their clients from their premises. If you feel this could be a more suitable option for your business then give us a call.